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Short Bios:

Greg Mooers has a background in Engineering and Quantum Physics and he was a monk for 8 years. During his years in the monastery, he studied the lives of Heroes like Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King and discovered the formula they all followed that lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life of contribution. Through LifeCamp, Greg trains people to master these 3 skills until they have clarity and confidence and make their ircontribution to humanity, everywhere they go.

Greg Mooers studied quantum physics and created a successful artificial intelligence company and then at the age of 26 he left it all behind to become a monk for 8 years.
He has spent more than 15,000 hours in silent meditation, studying the lives of heroes throughout history and creating a program that will introduce you to your hero, living in your chest.
His clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, Academy and Emmy award winners Billionaires who have been drawn to the LifeCamp process Greg developed.

Medium Bio:

Greg Mooers, founder of LifeCamp Coaching, a technique that accelerates spiritual and psychological evolution, has revolutionized the science of counseling using quantum physics principles to train entrepreneurs, psychologists, ministers, Olympic Gold Medalists and Academy & Emmy Award winning celebrities. Greg spent more than 15,000 hours in silent meditation during his eight years as a monk and during that time he studied the most inspiring contributors down through history and how they were able to motivate others: people like Mother Teresa, who was motivated by "Compassion,." Martin Luther King, who was motivated by "Brotherhood." and Gandhi, who was motivated by "Peaceful Liberation." What is it for you? Is it "Loyalty" or "Honesty" or "Freedom?” Greg’s 3-step program will reveal what is motivating you and show you how to use Quantum physics principles to create a rewarding career and fulfilling relationships.


Greg Mooers - Founder of LifeCamp


Long Bio:

Greg Mooers graduated Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree where he studied energy & Quantum physics. He worked as an engineer for Intel Corporation until he left to start an artificial intelligence computer company in Dallas, Texas, which quickly became a prosperous computer-consulting firm. One day while looking out his skyrise office window he noticed a logo on the side of a building and realized, "That is where I'm headed, but that is not what I want". The question came..."What do I want?" followed by an immediate answer, "I want to know my soul." So...

In 1988 Greg moved to California to become a monk. For the next eight years he sought extensive spiritual training - logging over 12,000 hours in silent meditation. His fascination with the people we call "heroes", and the transition they underwent to move from being normal people to being great contributors to humanity led to many hours of study and many awakening insights about their common skills (which is now the foundation for LifeCamp's programs).

He is an accomplished speaker (5 years certified with National Speakers Association) and has staffed many experiential workshops and seminars. His dedication to the healing arts has resulted in specialized products and a Life Coaching Certification Program in which he trains experienced coaches to identify individual's Heart Virtues

Presently, Greg is available for private coaching sessions, public speaking engagements and business programs, workshops and seminars that utilize proven tools for bringing out the best in others and helping them put it to work in 4 main areas of life: Career, Relationships, Parenting and Addictions.